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Serving Eugene since 1986

Dan Reese - Founder
Mitch Reese - Chief Operating Officer 
Renelle Reese - Director of Maintenance/Accounting
Mickenzie Rodriguez (Reese) - Director of Sales & Marketing 

In 1980 Dan Reese started doing landscape maintenance for a mobile home park in West Eugene as a side job to his two other jobs. After growing his landscape business for 6 years, he realized his passion for the trade and decided to start the family business, Dan Reese Specialty Services. For 28 years Dan built lasting relationships with his clients and was known for going above and beyond to keep every customer's yard looking the "Best On the Block!"  

Mitch Reese joined the family business after Dan was suddenly diagnosed with Dementia in 2014. Dan and Mitch decided to revamp the business starting with a new name and Reese Landscapes was born. Realizing the opportunities for growth in the landscape industry, Mitch found his passion in landscape construction, fencing, and hardscapes. 

Now, in 2019 Reese Landscapes has 2 New Construction Crews, 2  Fencing Crews, 2 Irrigation Technicians, 1 Hardscape Crew and 1 Master Pruner, as well as continuing to grow the Commercial and Residential Maintenance to 4 Crews!