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Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting

The lighting professionals at Reese Landscapes will find the perfect places to add beautiful outdoor LED lighting to your home! Not only are the aesthetic/appearance benefits amazing, but outdoor lighting is also ideal for home security! We work with every customer to design the perfect lighting package for your unique needs. Show off your home, walkway, driveways, patio, deck, water features, trees and shrubs with our Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting Packages!
  • Pathway Lighting- Pathway Lighting is both functional and beautiful- you can walk with safety in the dark as well as have a beautiful and romantic lit up path.
  • Up-lighting- Up-lighting is perfect for accenting tree’s branches and leaves.
  • Spotlighting- Spotlighting is great to highlight a feature such as a tree or water feature.
  • Washing- Washing creates a soft glow over an entire area such as a row of bushes or an entire wall.
  • Wall Lighting- Wall lighting helps add drama to structural elements of your home.
  • Step and Deck Lighting- Provide safety by illuminating your steps and deck. Spreadlighting-
  • Spreadlighting- is perfect for showing off your flower beds, low growing shrubs and plants.
  • Silhouette Lighting- Silhouette Lighting is a beautiful technique that aims light on an object to cast a shadow on a wall. This technique is one of our favorites at Reese Landscapes!